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About us

Państwo Prawa Foundation is created by group of lawyers who want to deal with the law and legal education in an open and creative way. We want to take care of the development of democracy, spread and affect the protection of freedom, human rights and civil liberties. We want to build common ground and work together with representatives of various professions.

Our goal is to support the development of democracy and the rule of law,
through the organization of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and conferences, we influence the development and European integration, strengthen contacts and cooperation between people, non-governmental organizations as well as public entities at national and international level.

We organize and conduct training programs and competitions for school and university youth, volunteers and specialists in various fields. We want to support the development and promotion of science and education, with particular emphasis on civic education.

We look at the establishment and conduct cooperation with government bodies, local government units and non-governmental organizations in order to fully achieve the objectives of the Foundation.

The Foundation works with high quality experts, as well as with other entities from non-governmental sector.

prof. dr hab. Marek Chmaj

The Legal Counsel, law professor,  specialist in constitutional law, administrative and energy law.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the UMCS (1990-1994 r.) and the Faculty of Political Science (1991-1993 r.).

He has lectured at many universities in Poland (UMTS, UMK, UWM) and abroad including Castellon (Spain), Bari (Italy), Riga (Latvia), Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), Barcelos (Portugal), Seville (Spain). Head of the Department of Public Law at the Law Faculty of Social Psychology.

An author of many draft laws and amendments. Expert of the Exceptional Parliament Commitee to investigate projects of electoral law, the Senate Legislative Committee and the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional amendments . Expert of the Institute of Public Affairs.

An author or co-author of dozens of books, more than two hundred other publications and dozens of legal opinions commissioned by the Seym, the Senate, the President's Office and a number of ministries. Actively working pro bono: a member of the Educational Foundation of Entrepreneurship. Arbitrator at the Arbitration Court at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Warsaw.
Awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Polish on April 30, 2015.

Advocate Jacek Dubois

An advocate,  specialist in criminal law, including economic criminal law and  protection of the personal rights.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw (1986).
A lecturer in substantive criminal law and procedural criminal law. He is an active columnist who has written legal topics articles, including periodicals, i.e. "Na wokandzie", "Edukacja Prawnicza (Legal Education)" and others. 

He was defense counsel in several high-profile criminal cases. During his career he was also a representative of the President of the Republic of Poland, representative of the Prime Minister of Poland and Marshal of the Seym, as well as representative of the Mayor of the City of Warsaw.
In the years 2012- 2015 he was deputy chairman of the State Tribunal. He was elected by the Seym VIII term of office as a member of the State Tribunal on 18th November 2015. December 11, 2015 he made a vow to the Marshal of the Seym and he officially began another term of judge of the Tribunal.
Member of the Professor Bronislaw Geremek Foundation. 

prof. UG dr hab. Andrzej Bisztyga

Lawyer, constitutionalist, Post-doctoral degree of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor at Zielonogórski University and Wojciech Korfanty School of Economics in Katowice.
Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Silesia (1989).

An author of constitutional law and human rights publications, opinions and legal expertise for the Prime Minister's Office, the Minister of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strategy and Policy Planning Department, Legal Department and the Appeal Proceedings of the Supreme Chamber of Control, Polish Academy of Sciences, the Legislative Committee of the Seym, the Rules Committee, Ethics and Senatorial Affairs Committee of the Senate, deputies and senators, the Trade Union of Miners 'Solidarity', the RP Employers Committee, a member of the Advisory Council for Human Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2002-2004), legal expert of the Senate, an expert in law firms and legal advisors.

An author, co-author, editor and co-editor of approximately 170 publications (books, articles, opinions and expertise) in the field of constitutional law and human rights. He publishes in Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. Published in: Constitutional Law Review, Seym Review, Jura (Hungary), Vestnik Karagandskogo Universitet (Kazakhstan).
He was awarded the Medal of the National Education Commission (2013) and Silver Cross of Merit (2015).

prof. UG, dr hab. Sabina Grabowska

Lawyer, specialist in the field of constitutional law, political systems, electoral law, forms of direct democracy, constitutional responsibility, legislative procedures in the European countries and widely understood comparative law body; Academic teacher associated with the University of Rzeszów.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Maria Curie - Sklodowska University in Lublin branch in Rzeszow (1997.).

It is an academic - educational worker at Rzeszów University at the Faculty of Sociology and History, Institute of Political Sciences, Department of Theory of State, Law and Policy and School of Banking in Poznan, Chorzow Campus, Department of Business Law.

An author of more than seventy scientific publications, including monographs, chapters in books, scientific articles and publications such as translations, reviews and reports.

prof. UG, dr hab. Anna Rakowska – Trela

Advocate, specialist in the field of constitutional law and election law.
She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Lodz (2002).
She works as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Lodz and an associate professor at the College School of Economic and Humanities in Skierniewice.

She is an author of many scientific law publications, takes part in scientific, national and international conferences.
She runs own legal practice in Lodz since 2006.